Drive Your Feelings Through Chat

Basically, online dating is a platform where you get linked with a large number of people not only around your area but around the globe. So, there are many websites, mobile applications available for online Chat where they will ask you preferences, motive, body type, hobbies, personality and much more stuff of yours just to create your profile on that particular site or applications and accordingly you can go through other profiles present over there to find an ideal match for you, doesn’t it sound thrilling and adventurous to scroll up and down over stranger profiles to find love of your life. This spices up the things for people and hence online dating is at the on trending list nowadays.

Sharing Reality : –

There are many distractions in our life and online dating is one of them because it has many things promised but none of them are fulfilled, people get attracted to its working policy and start assuming that finding a partner is like a cake walk but it’s not true, you can’t find a companion by  just swiping left and right. If it had been that easy then every one of us would have got a right partner and everyone would have been happy. Many people use online dating apps but the sad part is most of the profiles present over there are fake because users provide fake information at the time of registration, reason behind doing so is they want themselves to get highlighted amongst all at the top with the best personality so that many people would approach them with Chat as if they are star or celebrity. Generally in our society boys are more active regarding love and relationships than girls, they are the ones who approach girls and confess their love hence most of the times females provide their fake information to match up with a guy and start using him just under the expectation of love guys never get what they want and start getting emotionally dry which results into depression and to be frank this is the current scenario for most of the males present on this particular platform.


Even after such tough situations, there are some people who do get a partner of the ideal match but they break up soon because swiping hundreds of profiles we start thinking like “if this person doesn’t fulfill my desires and expectations I will dump him and look for another one”. There is no stability assured while searching love online hence we should switch to traditional ways of finding love. Old ways are far better because you can’t spend a whole life together just because your profile matched. Spending entire life with someone is a big deal, for that two individuals need to be mentally, emotionally connected and they should have a great level of mutual understanding which can be acquired only after spending good time with each other. If we go according to psychology then relationship works out only when there is an element called trust and this trust can’t be generated overnight on some stranger. As boys get mentally and emotionally disturbed due to fake profiles similarly girls also get harassed online because there is a little percentage of males who use this platform just for sex. So, they either send their nudes or ask nudes because there is a general perception that these apps and sites are used only for sexual purposes and hence females present over here are also interested in sex only hence these males approach them in a creepy manner just under the influence of lust due to such improper conduct females also get a mental set back. So, through online dating platform, all type of genders suffer because two souls can’t connect just through profiles and it is the matter of love and comfort hence we should not treat emotional encounters like a recruiting process of work.

The Internet Chat can provide you with many amazing things like knowledge, money, various products, electronic gadgets and etc. but can’t give the love of your life and it will start choking you while finding one online. Hence online dating is “feelings driven through chat”.

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